June and July scheduling!

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I will be at #Phoenix #Comicon this year on June 5th – 8th at a booth with awesome artist #Joe Corroney (http://www.joecorroney.com/) Selling Hell’s Gate: Awakening, volume 1 in the Hell’s Gate Trilogy. I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone there! I’ll have signed physical copies of the book as well as opportunities to pre-order book 2, as well as the artbook. Can’t wait to be at the show in Phoenix!

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Latest Podcast and vlog

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Here is the latest vlog over Raijen, the Thunder God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEqxZYrbBVg


And here is the latest episode of Personafied. This time, I interview Alt, creator of the game Lumin. Which will release the pre-alpha sometime this year. I was enthralled by the concept of the online series and gameplay concept. Please enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/chrystalannebooks/personafied-episode-7

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Exciting news for 2014

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These last few months have been so very hectic! I’ve had two things I have put up that I forgot to add on here! So, some exciting things going on this year. For one, I’ll be adding more on both my #vlog and podcast shows. It’s been a trying last few months with everything going on in my personal life, but now (finally) I am able to be more focused on my own work. I’ve been through not only a cancer scare, but loss of work as well as emotional involvements and issues. Needless to say, it will be great news for me to be able and press forward with my book. #EXCITING NEWS on that front!

I am yet again blessed with the opportunity to travel to #Japan. This time, I will be going to #Kyoto and #Osaka. (of course, after stopping by #Akihabara for a day…gotta have my nerd fix) But while I am there, I will be filming my experiences to share with all of you. I get to travel to Ise Grand Shrine so that I can research it in more detail for book two. Book two (untitled for now) in the #Hell’s Gate trilogy, will be released around June or July of this year. So, the wait is almost over!

Children’s book release: I will be releasing a children’s book around December this year in time for the new year. It will be called Moonglowe. The artist that will be working on it is something I will be announcing soon, and am very exciting to present it to all of you!

More to come is a complete overhaul of my webpage. You will soon be able to see events, signing dates, as well as up and coming promotions! I will be setting up set days to release the podcast shows. Vlogs are a little different, since there is some editing involved and we are trying to change them up a little. For now, enjoy #wildcatterexchange vid!

Wildcatter Exchange 2014:


Latest Podcast:


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Personafied Episode 5 – Joe Corroney

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This week’s show covers Joe Corroney, who has been providing Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic books, posters and magazines since 1996. Enjoy!


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Latest Episodes of Personafied

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Personafied vlog Episode 1, the Yuki Onna, Snow Yokai~


Personafied Episode 4 - Short stories and Japanese Toilet Spirits oh my!



More to share soon~ Stay tuned. :D

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Yuki Onna the story of the Snow Woman

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My latest video covering the yokai (spirit) Yuki Onna (or snow woman) can be found here. (also linked below) She roughly came about in the late 1300′s and is very famous in the city of Tohoku, a region in Japan known for it’s large snow fall. My favorite stories are the traveler stories, particularly the lonesome male travelers.









She would call out to travelers, lure them in and freeze them with her icy breath. Sometimes, if she found a male she liked or was attractive, she would spare his life, warning him that he must never speak of it to anyone.









A few years weeks later he comes across a beautiful woman, sitting in the snow.








He falls deeply in love and offers to marry her, to which she agrees. They have two children and they sit quietly one night. The man, having held it in for so long, decides to unburden himself. He told his wife about the beautiful and dangerous woman. Harshly his wife looks up and the door bursts open. “You shouldn’t have told me about that.” confused, he watches as she disappears outside, leaving him with the children alone.

images (2)







For more over this, click the link below to watch my video on youtube!


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Bet you didn’t know

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That I also enjoy doing alt modeling and cosplay! I have a deviantart account here: http://chrystal-phoenix.deviantart.com/

There is a preview of my nerd and fashion photoshoot. :) Here’s a preview, happy holidays!


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December wrap up before the holidays

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Hey all. I will be adding an end of the year show with more Japanese folklore and an interview with Kerry Gammill of Monsterverse Comics. So keep a sharp eye out for it. You can find all my sounds at:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chrystalannebooks

You can also find my vlog on youtube here:


You can also find me on twitter @Chrystal_Anne_

And on instagram at: http://instagram.com/chrystalannebooks

Just an update for all of you on the Hell’s Gate project. Due to the holidays, I will be pushing back auditions until January of 2014. Unfortunately, it just will have to happen this way. On the plus side, it gets me working on the second book and script more. So that is a huge bonus! For those of you wanting to check out my book, you can find the kindle edition here and the paperback edition here.

Hope this helps to those asking!

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Auditions moved to December 14th

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Listen up guys! I have not had enough of a response to even hold auditions for Hell’s Gate this Saturday. Therefore, I will need to move that date to Saturday, December 14th from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. At the Huffhines Rec Center in Richardson, TX. Details for auditions can be found at nowcasting.com   You do have to be a member of nowcasting.com, however, it is free to be an actor if you just get the basic package. Look up the project Hell’s Gate and production company Calypso Blue. Director will be me, Chrystal Anne.


If you want to video audtion, send your resume and demo reel to:


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Auditions for Hell’s Gate Pilot Episode

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Auditions are going to be held at the Huffhines Rec Center in Richardson, TX on Saturday, December 7th from 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  I will need two male leads, a female lead and secondary female lead, and a child actress. This is a live-action series, and I will need roles for on screen.



Descriptions and characters:

John – Male, asian (Malaysian) ; age ??? (presumed to be 24) black hair, blue eyes (but he wears brown contacts to hide that fact), fair skin
Style: visual kei, but knows how to look clean cut for clients. He is an artist, mostly sculpts and paints, but also dabbles in poetry. A true lover of the arts, he works hard and can forget what is important from time to time. Quiet, methodical and serious. His sense of humor will come back when he makes things right.

Daniel – Male, caucasian, detective type; age 27, brown hair, hazel eyes, tawny skinned
He is very laid back, listens to classical rock, southern and charming. He takes things in stride, and goes with the flow. Very stuck in his ways, however, especially with food. Though laid back, he is a avatar for the people and fights hard to ensure others’ safety. Even if it means bending the rules slightly, he’ll try to help others as best as he can.

Celeste – female, half japanese, aristocrat type; age 24, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, fair skin.
She comes from a family of wealth, but stays humble. Can be a bit naive with trusting others. She likes classical music and the arts. Playful, but serious with her work. She is a piano instructor and translator for her adoptive father’s company. She takes her work very seriously, and perfects it. She knows something is different about her, but she isn’t ready to accept it.

Lain – female, caucasian, age 8 blonde hair, green eyes, pale complexion
One of Celeste’s most talented piano students. Is excitable, but highly defensive and nervous. There is a great mystery behind this character, she is almost radiant in her disposition and her emerald eyes. Has a rough family history, is beaten often and has lost her parents to a tragic accident. Her adoptive family doesn’t want her, but collects checks from her parents passing. She is often seen in hand-me-downs, and bruised. Celeste wants desperately to adopt her, but the law won’t allow it since there are laws keeping Lain with next-of-kin.

Anna – Chinese, has very fair skin, deep brown eyes and deep brown hair. This character is wild and funny. She takes things in stride, and really doesn’t care what others think. Her style is Japanese street fashion, she likes bold and bright colors, and changes her clothes often. Loves to have fun, and pulls Celeste from her work often. There is a history behind her and Celeste, and they have been close friends for several years. Their families moved from New York to Dallas to invest in more lucrative opportunities.

contact information: 


Chrystal Anne: chrystalannepr@gmail.com

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